Robin Bartlett

Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Einsteinstraße 62
48149 Münster

Email: (replace ~ by rbartlett)

I am currently a post-doc in Münster (2020-2023) working in Eugen Hellmann's group. Previously I was a post-doc at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in Bonn (2018-2020).
Before that I was a PhD student at King's College London and the London School of geometry and number theory. My advisor was Fred Diamond.

Here is my CV (updated March 2022).


My research is in number theory. I am particularly interested in integral p-adic Hodge theory,
and how techniques in this area make contact with the Langlands program.
My papers can also be found on the arXiv, though the versions here are usually more up-to-date.


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